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Honouring God cannot be separated from honouring His Word. The Thessalonian Christians exemplified this by receiving the Word with the reverence it deserves, as if it were spoken by an angel. Their faith was evident in their actions. However, the Berean Christians were even more commendable because they diligently searched the Scriptures to confirm the truth (Acts 17:11).

Malachi 1:6-9 explains the importance of honour and reverence, showing how God esteems these qualities. The fall from grace of Lucifer reminds us quite sharply the results of dishonour. In God’s kingdom, the first principle is honour.

Violating the code of honour can have severe repercussions. Tithing, for instance, is a tangible expression of honouring God with our substance.  Despite His omnipotence, God operates within a framework of order, reflecting His nature as a God of structure and discipline. This divine order underpins the operation of honour. Our role is to obey; Honour will take care of the rest.

Abraham’s life is a profound testament to the code of honour. In Genesis 15:1-5, despite his initial reliance on cultural norms to solve his childlessness, Abraham ultimately embraced faith. He visualized God’s promises, realizing that Sarah’s barrenness was not the final word. This vision was part of God’s broader plan, taking Abraham through a transformative journey.

Hebrews 11:19 highlights Abraham’s faith, describing how he was willing to sacrifice Isaac, believing that God could raise him from the dead. The Bible considers this act as already accomplished in Abraham’s mind. Matthew 5:28 also touches on the power of imagination, indicating that sin conceived in the heart is as real as the act itself. This leap of faith empowered him to see beyond his circumstances and trust in God’s promise.

In conclusion, It’s about obedience, reverence, and seeing beyond the natural into the divine. This code of honour not only aligns us with God’s will but also positions us to receive His promises fully.

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