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Foundation of Prayer


The reason many people don’t pray is because they don’t understand prayer. Different prayers respond to different rules. Jesus put prayer in three arenas.

1. The relationship between a father and a child. (Matthew 6:9  “After this manner therefore, pray ye: Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

2. The relationship between a friend and a close friend ( intercession/mediator)

3. Prayer in the courtroom ( Luke 18:1–5)

If your prayer life is inconsistent, you are immature and need to grow. This is not to talk you down, but to challenge you. You must pray, come rain or shine, when you understand what prayer is.

Prayer in the courtroom: This is the side of prayer that we rarely pray. When things are not going well in life, you don’t stay quiet. You call on the judge of the universe to intervene, and then you see God in action, He will give you a legislation that the angels will reinforce. 

Prayer is so powerful that Satan doesn’t want you to pray, because he knows if you do pray correctly, everything will change.

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